Past and Present Productions

In this section you will find a long list of past productions of Rottingdean Drama Society. This page will grow over time, as we get more information. Our aim is to include an entry for every production, but this will take time!

If you have any information for a past production that is not featured here please contact our webmaster Stuart, using the Contact section.


The Sleeping Beauty

by Simon Nunan. January 2018. Directed by Neil Border. We are spinning the wheel to sew together a hugely entertaining new version of a traditional panto. ... More Details


God of Carnage

by Yasmina Reza. July 2017. Directed by Jo Newman. This powerful and funny play ran on London’s Shaftesbury Avenue to 4 and 5 star reviews, amid succ ... More Details

The Ladies Man

by Charles Morey. April 2017. Directed by Sam Bullen. In Belle Epoque Paris, the recently married Dr Hercule Molineaux tells "one, tiny, little, hardly n ... More Details

Aladdin - a traditional pantomime

by Ben Nunan. January 2017. Directed by Neil Border. This new script follows the traditional panto story of Aladdin, set mostly in China but with travels ... More Details



by Patrick Hamilton. October 2016. Directed by Gill Lake. This classic thriller is set in Victorian London. Jack Manningham is slowly, deliberately, driving ... More Details

Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward. July 2016. Directed by Marian Myers. A well loved classic in which the socialite and novelist Charles Condomine, invites the eccentric me ... More Details

Blue Remembered Hills

by Dennis Potter. April 2016. Directed by Jo Newman. An inventive and closely-observed play about a group of seven-year-olds, playing in the woods and fi ... More Details

Dick Whittington

by Simon Nunan. January 2016. Directed by Neil Border. A wonderful new take on the classic panto story, where good conquers evil and true love brings peopl ... More Details



by Diane Samuels. October 2015. Directed by Elaine Eardley. This powerful play follows the life of Eva – a young Jewish girl sent to England on the Kindertransp ... More Details


by A.R. Gurney. July 2015. Directed by Jo Newman. Kate and Greg's children have left home and they have moved from the suburbs to the city. Kate's car ... More Details

Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders

by Derek Webb. April 2015. Directed by Gill Lake. Agatha Crusty (pronounced Croosty) is a crime novelist. She is also pretty adept at solving crimes. ... More Details

Beauty & the Beast

by Simon Nunan. January 2015. Directed by Neil Border. A new twist on a traditional tale! ... More Details


Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

by Ann-Marie MacDonald. October 2014. Directed by Jo Newman. Constance Ledbelly, a young English literature professor from Queen's University, goes on a subconsc ... More Details

Nasty Neighbours

by Debbie Isit. July 2014. Directed by Nikki Etheridge. This production will examine the stresses and strains of modern life. It bursts into life following ... More Details

Separate Tables

by Terence Rattigan. April 2014. Directed by Margot Jobbins. SEPARATE TABLES comprises two one-act plays both set in a hotel on the south coast of England. Th ... More Details

Jack and the Beanstalk

by Simon Nunan. January 2014. Directed by Gill Lake. The village of Lower Bottom is suffering from a Credit Crunch, but still the Giant demands two bags ... More Details


Playhouse Creatures

by April de Angelis. October 2013. Directed by Margot Jobbins. This is a tale of Girl Power in the 17th Century. April de Angelis' historical comedy, featuring Nel ... More Details

A Night Out

by Harold Pinter. July 2013. Directed by Nikki Etheridge. Albert Stokes is a loner who lives with his emotionally-suffocating mother. After being falsely acc ... More Details

Bazaar and Rummage

by Sue Townsend. April 2013. Directed by Jo Newman. This is the funny and moving story of a self-help group of agoraphobics who come out to run a bazaar ... More Details

Leonardo da Panto

by Simon Nunan. January 2013. Directed by Neil Border. Set in Renaissance Italy, this wonderful script by Simon Nunan brings all the classic elements of tr ... More Details


Breezeblock Park

by Willy Russell. July 2012. Directed by Jo Newman. A comedy about the sadness and madness of happy family life, Willy Russell's Breezeblock Park is at ... More Details

Breezeblock Park

by Willy Russell. July 2012. Directed by Jo Newman. This comedy about the sadness and madness of family life is set in the mid 1970s. A close-knit fami ... More Details


by Bernard Shaw. April 2012. Directed by Elaine Eardley. A Professor of phonetics takes a bet that, in a few months, he can transform a cockney flower girl i ... More Details

The Snow Queen

by Yvonne Bednarczyk. January 2012. Directed by Audrey Pickles. A tradition family panto, with Prince and Princess helped along with the village school teacher Dame ... More Details


Sailor Beware

by Philip King and Falkland Cary. October 2011. Directed by Gill Lake. A good old-fashioned farce, featuring a domineering Mother-in-Law and a Wedding - is it on or off?! ... More Details

The Government Inspector

by Nikolai Gobol. April 2011. Directed by Graham Stapley. The Government Inspector was written by Nikolai Gogol in 1836 and translated by Alistair Beaton in 2 ... More Details

The Three Musketeers - le panteau

by Richard Lloyd. January 2011. Directed by Neil Border. Alexandre Dumas' rip-roaring yarn of derring-do, palace intrigue and slushy amour has been fully and ... More Details


A Scent of Flowers

by James Saunders. October 2010. Directed by Adrian Herbert. This play is about compassion, about kindness and pity, and it examines, ruthlessly, what we have do ... More Details

Out of Sight ... Out of Murder

by Fred Carmichael. July 2010. Directed by Jo Newman. Peter is a successful mystery writer with writer's block. He has been sent by his editor to an old ... More Details

The Circle

by W. Somerset Maugham. April 2010. Directed by Graham Stapley. Thirty years ago, Lady Kitty abandoned her husband and young son, Arnold, to run away with politicia ... More Details


by Yvonne Bednarczyk. January 2010. Directed by Audrey Pickles. ... More Details


Kafka's Dick

by Alan Bennett. October 2009. Directed by Maureen Hopkins. Set in the present-day in a suburban Yorkshire dwelling, Kafka aficionado Sydney and his wife Linda, ... More Details

Canterbury Tales

by Geoffrey Chaucer. April 2009. Directed by Julian McDowell. The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories written in the 14th century. The tales are contained ... More Details

Frankenstein, The Panto!

by David Swan. January 2009. Directed by Neil Border. A traditional family pantomime with a difference. Will the potty Professor Crackpot come up with a w ... More Details


Ring Round the Moon

by Jean Anouilh. October 2008. Directed by Adrian Herbert. An enchanting comedy of mistaken identity, manners and mannerisms and affairs of the heart. Witty, c ... More Details


by Nell Dunn. July 2008. Directed by Jo Newman. Set in a dilapidated East End turkish bath where five women of all conditions regularly meet to bath ... More Details

Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov. April 2008. Directed by Ronald Taylor. A play about the decay of the privileged class in Russia and the search for meaning in the modern wo ... More Details

Arabian Knights

by Richard Lloyd. January 2008. Directed by Gill Lake. A traditional family pantomime, with an Eastern theme, promised to be a pure Turkish Delight! ... More Details


Charley's Aunt

by Brandon Thomas. October 2007. Directed by Maureen Hoye. This classic evergreen farce is set in Oxford during Commemoration Week. The imminent visit of Char ... More Details


by William Shakespeare. April 2007. Directed by Edward Rayner. Pericles, the ruling Prince of Tyre, having (through no fault of his own) provoked the enmity of the ... More Details

The Goose Girl

by John Nicholson. January 2007. Directed by Audrey Pickles. Adapted from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, this story has all the classic elements of a trad ... More Details


The Love on the Dole

by Roland Gow and Walter Greenwood. October 2006. Directed by Adrian Herbert. Love on the Dole was first played in 1934 and a later film version stared Deborah Kerr. Set in Salfo ... More Details

The House on the Cliff

by George Batson. July 2006. Directed by Jo Newman. The House on the Cliff by George Batson, a popular American crime writer who sets all his plays in E ... More Details

The Admirable Crichton

by J M Barrie. April 2006. Directed by Currently unspecified. The Admirable Crichton is a delightful comedy set in the early 1900s and described by its author as ... More Details

Alice in Wonderland

by Mike Carter. January 2006. Directed by Graham Stapley. ... More Details


Love for Love

by William Congreve. October 2005. Directed by Currently unspecified. ... More Details


King Lear

by William Shakespeare. April 2004. Directed by Edward Rayner. The story of a father who gave all to the wrong daughters and another who put his trust in the wrong ... More Details


Daisy Pulls it Off

by Denise Duggan. June 1993. Directed by Sheila Doughty. Daisy Pulls it Off is an affectionate, keenly observed parody of life in an English boarding school ... More Details

An Inspector Calls

by J B Priestley. April 1993. Directed by James Mitchell. Set in the year 1912, an upper crust English family dinner is interrupted by a police inspector who ... More Details

Toad of Toad Hall

by A. A. Milne. January 1993. Directed by Jacqueline Shorter. Adapted from Kenneth Grahame's book "The Wind in The Willows". ... More Details


Comedy of Errors

by William Shakespeare. August 1992. Directed by Anne Verrall. ... More Details


Billy Liar

by Keith Waterhouse. October 1990. Directed by Currently unspecified. The semi-comical story is about Billy Fisher, a working-class 19-year-old living with his parents in ... More Details


by Unspecified. June 1990. Directed by Currently unspecified. ... More Details

Night Must Fall

by Emlyn Williams. April 1990. Directed by Currently unspecified. The play tells the story of an elderly woman in a remote part of Essex, England, who hires a young m ... More Details

Venus Observed

by Christopher Fry. . Directed by Adrian Herbert. A stylish comedy of verbal wit and poetry, this autumnal quarter of Fry's "comedies for the seasons" ... More Details

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