By William Shakespeare. Directed by Edward Rayner
April 2007



Pericles, the ruling Prince of Tyre, having (through no fault of his own) provoked the enmity of the powerful neighbouring state, Antioch, decides to travel for a while to forestall a possible invasion.

He sails first to the famine-stricken state of Tarsus with relief supplies; thence to Pentapolis, where, shipwrecked in a violent storm, he falls in love with and marries Thaisa, the daughter of the king. On the voyage back to Tyre, Thaisa dies giving birth to a daughter, Marina. In accordance with custom, Thaisa's body is cast overboard. Pericles then decides to leave Marina, for safekeeping with the Governor of Tarsus and his wife, Dionyza.

Thaisa's body is washed up on the shore of Ephesus where the Lady Cerimon invokes the help of the goddess Diana to revive her.

Years later, when Pericles returns to Tarsus, he is told that Marina has died in her sleep. In fact, she has been abducted by pirates and sold to a brothel in Mytilene—where she eventually comes under the protection of the Governor, Lysimachus.

In the final act of the play, the presiding spiritual influence, the goddess Diana leads Pericles, and us, to a touching and happy conclusion in Ephesus.

Acts and Scenes

    Act One

  • Scene 1 : Antioch, the King's private chamber

  • Scene 2 : Tyre, a hall in the Palace

  • Scene 3 : Tarsus, a street

  • Scene 4 : Pentapolis, the sea shore

  • Scene 5 : Tyre, a room in the Palace

  • Scene 6 : Pentapolis, The King’s private chamber

  • Scene 7 : On a ship at sea

  • Scene 8 : Ephesus, Lady Cerimon’s chamber

  • Scene 9 : Tarsus, the sea shore

  • Scene 10 : Tarsus (many years later), near the sea shore

  • Interval of 15 minutes

    Act Two

  • Scene 11 : Mytilene, outside a brothel

  • Scene 12 : Tarsus, an open space

  • Scene 13 : Mytilene, outside a brothel

  • Scene 14 : Mytilene (some years later), near the port

  • Scene 15 : Ephesus, at the Temple of Diana

Cast and Crew

King of Antioch Graham Stapley
Thaliard, his servant Lee Harris
Pericles, Prince of Tyre Tim Secrett
Sophie Gower, a reporter Sarah Daniels
Helicanus, a Lord of Tyre Roger Boots
Escanes, a Lord of Tyre Ronald Taylor
A Lord of Tyre Neil Border
Cleon, Governor of Tarsus Gerry Schuller
Dionyza, his wife Lesley Arnold
Security guard Graeme Lake
Child of Tarsus Rhiannon Harris
Sidonie Lake
Oliver Venturi*
A Lord of Tarsus Ernest Wallace
Fisherman of Pentapolis/Knights Trevor Cullis-Cussens
Andrew Hindell
Gerry Prince
King Simonides of Pentapolis Graham Stapley
Thaisa, his daughter Marian Myers
Lady of the Court Christine Cullis-Cussens
Elaine Eardley
Mary Wallace
A Lord of Tyre Lee Harris
Lychorida, a nurse Elaine Eardley
Master of the ship Graeme Lake
Lady Cerimon of Ephesus Valerie Rayner
Philemon, her assistant Mary Wallace
A gentleman of Ephesus Stuart Colbran
A woman of Ephesus June Mitchley
Leonine, servant to Dionyza Neil Border
Marina, daughter of Pericles and Thaisa Lisa Harris
Pirate Stuart Colbran
Graeme Lake
Gerry Schuller
Pander, a brothel owner Trevor Cullis-Cussens
Bawd, his wife Gill Lake
Bolt, his servant Andrew Hindell
Wench Elaine Eardley
June Mitchley
Mary Wallace
Saxophonist Gerry Prince
Gentleman of Mytilene Stuart Colbran
Ernest Wallace
Lysimachus, Governor of Mytilene Neil Border
A Lord of Mytilene Lee Harris
The Goddess Diana Elaine Eardley
Director Edward Rayner
Director's Assistant Terry Bourne
Stage Manager Jo Newman
Choreographer Lesley Arnold
Lighting design Stuart Green
Sound design Edward Rayner
Continuity Maureen Hopkins
Costume Audrey Pickles
Make-up Gill Lake
Assistant Stage Manager Drew Baker
Clifford Conway
Sound operation Rowland Myers
Lighting operation Leigh Eardley
Set construction Len Lake
Graeme Lake
Set painter Sally Prince
Mary Wallace
Lighting rigging Stuart Green
Box Office Leigh Eardley
Front of House Manager Joyce Bourne
Publicity Neil Border
Publicity Assistant Elaine Eardley
Stuart Green

* denotes a debut on the Rottingdean stage

Performance Dates

Wed 18th Apr 2007 at 7:45 PM
Thu 19th Apr 2007 at 7:45 PM
Fri 20th Apr 2007 at 7:45 PM
Sat 21st Apr 2007 at 2:00 PM
Sat 21st Apr 2007 at 7:45 PM



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